The Nigerian Laptop Computer

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I named the many offers of "we will buy you a laptop for free!" emails as the Nigerian Laptop, as a group all inclusive.

Even though it was impossible for me to complete the process (just to find out how far it would go before I found out I would end up paying far too much) I got dumped by Readamerica Inc. for not having a LANDLINE PHONE.

Since then I have been flooded with other suckerseekers - all sent to me by the 'nigerian laptop offer'.

Never give these people your card information or any money at all, ever. Starve them out!

Before you fall for the free laptop, just remember that someone somewhere pays for it - and that someone has to be you at some point.

So for it to be 'business wise' for them, you end up paying as much as several thousand in shoddy junk to get a couple of hundred dollars in laptop - IF you can ever get through all the hurdles and then not have to sue them to get it sent to you!

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